Ilves & Karhu Systems

Phineal SpA has created a division called Solar Robotics®, which is responsible for the development of intelligent electronic systems for managing renewable energy at the household level and companies through the electric energy storage systems and electric mobility.
In this context and in strategic alliance with the “Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engeenering” (AC3E) of the Technical University Federico Santa María through the collaborative framework of Phineal SpA & AC3E signed in November 2014 agreement, Phineal hopes to develop two devices, “ILVES and KARHU systems” that cover a growing demand for storage systems and energy management.
“ILVES System” is a static converter for controlling an electric motor vehicle (drive to manage power from the batteries to the “brushless DC” electric motor vehicle).
“KARHU System” is a bank of lithium batteries with “Battery Management System” (BMS) which can store electrical energy generated by photovoltaic systems for use in personal consumption in stationary systems for distributed generation for systems NCREs minors 100kW according to law 20,571.
These two devices interact with each other in an electric vehicle and allow energy management so that replace the use of combustion vehicles journeys of up to 60km per day (urban area). Fuel substitution could reach daily investment pay off a vehicle between 4 to 7 years due to the replacement of fuel, an issue that no other means of transportation can do (except bicycles). The systems are designed for the Latin American market and will be incubated in the sun in the world and fastest growing NCRE in the region, Chile.
The team of Phineal AC3E and has the capabilities to develop this technology since it has professionals with extensive experience in this field and laboratories equipped with the tools and instruments to achieve this.

This is a project supported by CORFO.