The Electric Car for Latin America

The design of the third iteration of the electric car begins in January 2016, by Phineal SpA. The vehicle brings over 10 years of experience in electric mobility and integrates a wide array of company developed systems.
For more information, please visit http://www.phicar.cl

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Phineal & EcoRide

In May 2015, Phineal SpA invests in the development of a second electric vehicle which has new and improved mechanical and safety performance. The task is committed to EcoRide team led by Camilo Ortiz, which finishes the first phase of development in record time (5 months), period of time which coincides with the final stages of development of the first version of “Ilves System” by the Center of Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering development team at the Technical University Federico Santa María, through a technology contract agreement for the design process of the first version of the motor driver inverter .


In November 2014, Phineal SpA purchases the first electric vehicle 100% developed in Chile by the company VoZe in order to test the electronics developed by Solar Robotics®. The vehicle is currently on Phineal’s warehouse in Rancagua and it is expected to be tested with the  “Ilves Systems & Karhu” components by the second half of 2016.